INVECAS sets up office in GUNTUR CITY

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N Chandrababu Naidu, inaugurated INVECAS Technologies Pvt Ltd, an IT company, in Guntur.

Chief Minister said around 230 IT companies have started functioning in the State by investing Rs10,000 crore, creating 42,000 jobs. Naidu said, “The government is aiming to generate two lakh jobs in the IT sector by inviting more companies to set up their units in the State. Further, the government is focusing on promoting the electronics sector in every major city. The government has already started implementing welfare schemes through Real-Time Governance (RTG) to promote accountability and transparency.”

According to Ravi Vemuri, CEO of Andhra Pradesh Non-resident Telugu Association, the Chief Minister was striving hard to create the right eco system for the development of IT in the new capital area, enlisting the help of non-resident Telugus settled in the US and other parts of the world.

Dasaradha Gude, CEO of the company, said it would generate 250 new jobs directly and the company would collaborate with the local industries in promoting IT solutions.






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