Guntur real estate market – Is it a sign of recovery?

Guntur real estate market

Guntur real estate market has some good news for realty investors. Andhra Pradesh stamps and registration department which wanted to garner at least Rs 104 crore from Guntur district had raked in Rs 110 crore in the first two months. Similarly, the department fetched nearly Rs 100 crore as against the target of Rs 107 crore.

According to Sources, business in all towns and regions of the two districts showed an upward trend in property price, bringing smiles back on the faces of thousands of small-time agents and big-ticket realtors alike

Recovery trend

Banking on the recovery trend, the stamps and registrations department has pocketed Rs 100 crore from each district in the first two months of this fiscal.

Meanwhile, the Centre has released INR 1,000 crore for projects in Vijayawada and Guntur, and INR 1,500 crore for the construction of Amaravati that to in last four years. The State’s estimate for its capital city is about INR 52,000 crore.

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