7 Interesting facts we should know about Guntur District

7 Interesting facts we should know about Guntur District

The Guntur region played a significant role in culture, heritage of Andhra pradesh. Here are 7 interesting facts you should know about guntur region

1. The Capital City – From Satavahanas to Andhra Pradesh

Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh is situated in Guntur district. The city is being built on the banks of the Krishna River. The city will be 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) south-west of Vijayawada and 24 kilometres (15 mi) north of Guntur.

2. Koh-i-Nur, one of the largest cut diamonds in the world

kohinoor guntur

The diamond is widely believed to have come from Kollur Mine. a series of 4-metre (13 ft) deep gravel-clay pits on the banks of Krishna River in Guntur District.

3. Second oldest evidence of humans in India

Guntur District is home to the second oldest evidence of humans in India, in the form of Palaeolithic (old stone age) implements. Ancient history can be traced from the time of Sala kings who ruled during the 5th century BCE

4. Tribe of Ephraim, of the Ten Lost Tribes

Bene Ephraim (Hebrew) Bnei Ephraim (“Sons of Ephraim”), also called Telugu Jews because they speak Telugu, are a small community living primarily in Kotha Reddy palem, a village outside Chebrolu, Guntur District.

5. Discovery of the chemical element – Helium

helium guntur

French astronomer, Pierre Janssen observed the Solar eclipse of 18 August 1868 and discovered helium, from Guntur

6. Sannam chilli, Hottest chilli of India

sannam chilli

The Guntur Sannam chili’s unique characteristics have brought it international acclaim and is mainly used for its pungency and the extraction and derivation of capsaicin, which is an active component in chilies that gives them their hot qualities.

7. Titanic has a Guntur connection!

titanic guntur

Yes, RMS Titanic has a Guntur connection and in the Timeline of Guntur in Wikipedia states: 1912 – A family from Guntur who were the only ones from India, travelled in the Titanic on the way to the United States and survived the accident.

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